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The Ulysses tables collates English language editions of James Joyce's Ulysses to the page number system adopted by the Hans Walter Gabler's edition of 1984. The tables collected here contain those originally available in The Ulysses Pagefinder supplemented with editions published since that date. Over half of the Pagefinder volume was devoted to collating the Little Review, Egoist, Rosenbach Manuscript and the James Joyce Archive Ulysses volumes and therefore is still worth considering for manuscript scholars.

It is hoped to update this file with further collations. If anyone is able to provide us with the tables for the 1935 Limited Editions Club Ulysses we will gladly include it. Editions such as those by the Frankin Library can be included if deemed necessary.

Of the number editions of Ulysses published since the original 1992 copyright watershed onwards I have included two resettings. The Minerva, 1992 which is possibly based on the 1961 Random House and the Everyman's Library, 1992 which is possibly based on the Bodley Head 1960. A Chancellor Press 1993 volume included Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses and could be added to the tables. Other editions were photoreprints of earlier publications. Penguin reprinted the Bodley Head 1960 in 1992. In 1993 we got a reprint of the 1922 first edition by Oxford University Press 'World Classics' series and a reprint of the Gabler text from Bodley Head. In 1994 Secker & Warburg published in their 'Collectors Edition' series an edition using the Minerva setting.

We have no doubt missed other editions and will endeavour to include them if sent a copy of the book itself or the appropriate tables.

ULYSSES tables

Click on the text above to download the Acrobat file of the Ulysses tables (1.1). This file is about 220k in size and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software 2.0 or later. If you do not currently have an Acrobat reader installed on your machine you should use the 'Save to Disk' option on your browser and choose 'Source'. Acrobat reader's are free and available for Macintosh, Windows, UNIX and DOS platforms at Adobe's Acrobat Web page.

If you are unable to obtain the software online or from others then Split Pea can provide the Ulysses tables Acrobat file by mail but we will have to make a postage and packaging charge of $15 or £10 per order. Please specify which computer platform you are using and if you already have Acrobat software.

Another Project

Another possible spin-off and potentially more rewarding project would be the creation of tables collating the various translations of Ulysses to the Gabler page/line system.

Here I must acknowledge the previous efforts of Dieter Rudolph who back in 1985 published a booklet titled The Pages of ULYSSES which collated editions of Ulysses including a number of European editions. The only drawback for building on Rudolph's work is that all his editions were keyed to the Shakespeare & co., 1922. The Gabler page/line system offers a more accurate cross-reference, and being still current, stand-alone tables.

Obviously for such a project we would need International help. If the global Joycean community can collate these translations we will process them and make them available at this site for all scholars.