Good Souls List

Good Souls List

Below is a list of those who have honoured the 'Barterware' concept.
Many thanks from
Split Pea Press.

Pierotti, N. J. - Joyce's Sea Poem

Rosenbloom, Eric - SEVENLY (a very short version of Finnegans Wake)

Senn, Fritz - Inductive Scrutinies, Focus on Joyce

Waldron, Philip - The Music of Poetry: Wagner in The Waste Land

O'Brien, Alyssa J - The Molly Blooms of "Penelope": Reading Joyce Archivally in JML, Vol. 24, No1, Fall 2000

Groden, Michael - A Selection of signed Essays

Joan FitzGerald - Drama and Life in 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room'

Richard - Set of Ulysses episode cards'