16 June 1904

Electronic Telegraph excert

The Evening Telegraph project has been on the go for a number of years. The original idea which was to reprint the 16 June 1904 edition of the Dublin Evening Telegraph had to be abandoned when we discovered the condition of the surviving originals. It was then decided to investigate recreating the paper using computer based typographic and graphic software.

An early spin-off of this work was the publication of the Ulysses Telegraph poster - a fictionalised version of the front page including additional references from the novel.

Since then the reproduction work has been completed and we now have full-sized negatives of all four pages of the paper. Then we realised that we now had another problem - with a page size of over 650mm who on earth could print this as a paper. Newspaper presses of that size are not easy to find and the project was put back on ice. Stop Press In June 2004 we managed to overcome this with screen-printing technology and we now have a limited edition of full-size newspapers available see Evening Telegraph paper.

It was not until this year when working with Adobe's Acrobat public document format that another possibility arose. Going back to the original computer-based text and scanning the re-drawn artwork we have been able to create a full-sized electronic version of the paper.

'Barterware' explained

Although a large amount of work has gone into this project over the years we decided not to sell the software but instead to create a new concept which we call 'Barterware'. Under the rules of 'barterware' you are free to view and distribute this software with the obligation that if you find the software useful and wish to retain it you will reciprocate by sending Split Pea Press a recent or forthcoming work of Joycean or modern literary scholarship of your own. Split Pea Press will keep a list of all such good souls.

Electronic Telegraph

Click on the Headline above to download the Acrobat file of the Last Pink edition of the Dublin Evening Telegraph for 16 June 1904. This file is about 536k in size and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software 2.0 or later. If you do not currently have an Acrobat reader installed on your machine you should use the 'Save to Disk' option on your browser and choose 'Source'. Acrobat reader's are free and available for Macintosh, Windows, UNIX and DOS platforms at Adobe's Acrobat Web page.

If you are unable to obtain the software online or from others then Split Pea can provide the Evening Telegraph Acrobat file by mail but we will have to make a postage and packaging charge of $15 or £10 per order. Please specify which computer platform you are using and if you already have Acrobat software.